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My Response to “A Conservative’s Practical Guide to Challenging Libertarianism”

September 8, 2011 3 comments

My response to “A Conservative’s Practical Guide to Challenging Libertarianism”

This article is written with a number of inaccuracies and false premises. For example, Libertarianism does not support gay rights. They support individual rights. Just as libertarianism does not support gay marriage on a federal level, but also allows the people of each state to vote on partnership or civil union without the interference of a federal state.

People talk about the opposition to the drug war as if it is some new, crazy, pot-head-talking idea when in reality opium, pot, alcohol, tobacco, peyote, shrooms, and any number of narcotics and hallucinogens were completely legal when this country was formed and as it grew into a great nation. The assumption that government needs to make something illegal in order to attempt to control behavior is not in the realm of constitutional thought and certainly not what our founding fathers had in mind.

Certainly, morality is necessary for a free society to function. But that doesn’t mean that “in the olden days” everyone was a good person and everyone agreed. Pulling that line, as if 200 years ago every person in the nation were righteous, non-smoking, teetotaling, 100% sexually pure, Christian, and always in agreement with each other about what constitutes morality, is not only ridiculous but it is also intellectually violating. Freedom is not only granted if you “live the way we want you too”. God didn’t even do that to us…. why should we raise ourselves about God and act as if freedom should only be granted to do what we want you to do?

The basics of building on the 10 Commandments, which should be hanging in all our courts, is completely appropriate as a basis for justice. But, for example, if you want to say that based on this guideline prostitution should be outlawed as adultery, then you MUST ALSO say that divorce should be outlawed, and the same penalty applied to the parties of divorce than would be applied to the parties of prostitution.

‎”For it is also true that immorality can indeed be legislated, and many laws do just that. Forcing landlords to rent to unmarried couples, forcing professional photographers to accommodate homosexual weddings, and requiring pharmacists to supply abortifacient drugs are just a few examples that come quickly to mind.

In the near future, licensing of brothels, clean injection centers for drug addicts, and a requirement that grade schools teach homosexual propaganda will likely be enacted. To varying degrees, they already have been.

Libertarian thought provides no reliable remedy to the social poisons that society is ingesting. Its values may be those of freedom, but they are also the values of the golden calf.”


The above is pure bullshit, plain and simple. For a social conservative will turn around and outlaw drugs, homosexual weddings (whether recognized by the government or not), outlaw prostitution while candy-coating their own sexual sins, and claim to be themselves the remedy for “social poisons” as if they themselves are not just as much in need of a cure from their Creator.

I am fully suspicious and wary of any person or group of people who proclaim themselves the cure for society’s ills whether conservative or liberal.

The libertarian knows that God is the only cure for the poison of society and trusts Him to work that out in all our lives.  In the case of those libertarians who do not believe in an actively involved God (which is still not illegal thank goodness), they intellectually recognize that a base for moral behavior is absolutely necessary for a free society to function and in fact, the principles of true individual liberty REQUIRE people, whether the believe in God or not, to ultimately respect the lines for behavior drawn about them by the equal rights of others.

The libertarian does not presume to objectively sort out and dictate to another, short of a direct crime as a result on the trespass of the rights of another, how they ought to live their lives in order to please someone elses’ personal interpretation of right or wrong above and beyond the basics of the 10 Commandments.

The libertarian recognizes that rather than making gold illegal among the Israelites so that they couldn’t make a golden calf, He allowed them to create and worship that idol and then suffer the consequences for that poor decision.

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