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Dollar is toast – Super Congress fries Constitution

We are in a lot of trouble.

This “Debt Deal”, which includes the LARGEST debt ceiling hike in US history, has an even more sinister purpose. This bill would also establish a “Super Congress”… consisting of 6 Representatives and 6 Senators and the President. These 13 people would take the legislative power of Congress away. (I’m not going to even get into the significance and arrogance of the 12+1 cabal they are creating here, or the fact that Hitler became Fuhrer on August 2). They would be able to “fast track” legislation including fiscal legislation WITHOUT A SINGLE VOTE from any other Senators or Representatives! No one could filibuster, no one could object.

Regarding the debt directly, if they do not agree on what should be cut by November 23, 2011, the cuts will be distributed as the President sees fit. In addition, any congressman who votes AGAINST this bill is INELIGIBLE to serve on this mind-blowingly unconstitutional Super Congress.

The actual term in the bill for this committee is the “Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction”, but the reality is not as tame as it sounds.

CALL YOUR SENATORS! The bill passed the House yesterday.

Pat Toomey is one of the few people voicing opposition to this bill! Call and support him, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint! Tell everyone about this!

If this bill passes, the debt will be the LEAST of our worries! Speaking of the debt, if you spent a million dollars every single day since the birth of Christ, you would STILL not have even spent the $800 BILLion dollars of the bailout… imagine then the 14.5 TRILLion dollars of our deficit! This “debt deal” adds over 2 TRILLion more to our debt… largest debt increase in US HISTORY… WAKE UP PEOPLE! The dollar is done. Toast. Stick a fork in it! Buy tangible goods NOW. Buy seeds, silver, food, water, any non-perishables you’ll need in the future. Get some quality clothes now, an extra pair of shoes if you can. Don’t count on your savings if you have one… it’s toast!

I am not being dramatic. This is not good, not good at all. God help us.

S 365 http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/C?c112:./temp/~c112fo7tuH







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